Most Comfortable Ankle Holster To Carry Your Back Up Gun

  • I think one of the best gun ankle holsters. I like this about the bug bite is the gun rides a little higher on your ankle than it does on your average ankle holster . The gun would be way down here so it's perfect for somebody like me that likes to wear boots as you can tell the gun is still easy to get to.


    it’s going to be as comfortable as you can get it also as you can see here on the other side it does have a pouch for an extra magazine that is long enough to fit most compact pistol magazines and it's tight enough to keep it in there where it's not going to be coming out but it's easy to come out when you want it to


    You don’t have to go digging down in your boot to get to the gun when your pants are over it. You don't really you don't really see it at all one problem I've had with ankle holsters in the past is you always see the grip sticking out here at the back or the holster so bulky that it sticks out real far here on the side but you don't really have that issue with the bug bite.


    It fits nice and tight to your leg keeps the gun in close and comfortable alright guys. I’m just going to demonstrate quick what the draw is like from the bug bite holster. it's just like any other ankle holster you're going to wear it on your weak side leg and the way you're going to want to do it, the easiest way that I found is you just want to drop to one knee and you grab your pants and you just jerk it up as high as you can and that exposes the gun.


    Then you're right here ready in a position where you can go ahead and address a threat now if you wear a form-fitting pants or jeans this may not be a good option for you these are boot cut jeans so it works out good because it's a little larger at the bottom you do want to make sure you practice this because drawing from an ankle holster.


    itself is not a very easy thing to do but with practice it does get easier so let's try this a little bit faster obviously, that's slower than drawing from a waist holster but there's a reason you're wearing an ankle holster either you're wearing some type of clothing that doesn't fit well with a waistband holster or whatever reason you have for using an ankle holster.


    I think the bug bite is going to be a good option for you. Now that we've had some time to practice this let's try it while firing the gun all in all I think that went very well. I do see how there can be an issue with the way the holster fits over the back of the slide here in a very tense situation that I could see how the gun may get stuck there but it is elastic. It is stretchy material so if you're really in a hurry you're in a dire situation.


    I don't think you'll have any problem. if you get a good hold of the gun just ripping it up out of there I don't feel have that kind of issue alright guys. If you're like me and you've been looking for a good ankle holster option but you just haven't found anything that worked for you and was comfortable for you.